Monday, May 20, 2013

Aquarium-supported researchers recognized with prestigious award

This spring, Rohan Arthur, Ph.D., of the Nature Conservation Foundation, and Gillian Braulik, Ph.D., of the University of St. Andrews, were awarded Pew Marine Fellowships which, “support innovative projects aimed at developing and implementing solutions to critical challenges facing the world’s oceans.” Earlier in their careers, both of these accomplished scientists were awarded grants from the Aquarium's Marine Conservation Action Fund to support their research and conservation efforts

Rohan Arthur

In 2010 MCAF supported Rohan Arthur’s study of an Indian Ocean archipelago and the resilience of its coral reefs to a warming ocean, work he will continue under his Pew Fellowship.

Gillian Braulik

Gillian Braulik received an MCAF award in 2005 to study the marine mammals of the Persian Gulf and was awarded a second MCAF grant in 2011 to survey the highly endangered Indus River dolphinin Pakistan after a devastating flood. For her Pew project, Braulik will develop tools to assess the conservation status of marine mammals in Tanzania.

The Aquarium congratulates Gill Braulik and Rohan Arthur on their important contributions to conservation, as MCAF grantees, and now as Pew Fellows.