Friday, September 12, 2008

La Paz Storms

This post is by expedition team member Alan Dynner.

Our flight to La Paz from LA was peaceful until we neared our destination. I had been anticipating bright sunshine and searing heat. Instead, a storm was raging and our little plane was bucking like a bronco. Greg Stone and I came down the stairs into a monsoon and were soaked during the walk-run to the arrival area.

The Sea of Cortez threw us a welcoming party.

We were met for the drive to our hotel by two representatives of our dive shop, one of whom was a Japanese woman. You should have seen her face when Greg started speaking to her in Japanese! And since the driver did not speak English, I got to practice my Spanish with him as we drove through the 6 inches of water flooding the streets.

Checking equipment for tomorrow's dive.

The storm finally subsided but we learned last night that the ocean is too rough and our diving today was cancelled. We are busy fiddling with equipment and preparing for what we hope is our exploratory dive on the El Bajo seamount tomorrow.

-Alan Dynner


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