Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tropical Math 101

From Charlie:

The humidity is the first thing that hits you when you wake up in the Bahamas. It hits you like a shower – only not nearly as refreshing. However, what is truly refreshing is the perspective of the students as they get their first taste of the tropics. Today Alyssa and Audrey are going to share their experience with everyone.

Alyssa and Audrey write:

After staying at a local hotel in Cable Beach, we woke up at 7:30 to 90 deg weather… and oh yeah, an exam! We learned many things today. The first: sun + computer screens = horrible glare, and a need to finish the exam after dinner.

Taking an exam in the glaring sunlight in Nassau

After our morning test session, we headed to the boat through downtown Nassau.

Pirates Lady is run by Blackbeards Cruises, and we have 7 crazy/amazing characters onboard. Full of anecdotes and advice, we are sure they would help us have a productive and fantastic week (Jimmy Buffet, anyone?). Our next lesson was learned after the first dive. Mata + ipod + SCUBA = broken ipod. But, all in all, the first dive was breathtaking – a much needed improvement from Rhode Island diving. No wetsuit = happy Audrey.

We were also happy to see: each other, the surface, the bottom, at least 60’ in all directions, and marine life!! The trumpetfish are Alyssa’s favorite, and Audrey found the first shrimp (Andy’s favorite study species). After some relaxation, amazing dinner, and some more downtime, we were able to finish our fish identification test by flashlight. We went to sleep in our air conditioned bunks while some of our classmates opted to sleep on the deck under the stars.

Alyssa and Audrey on their first dive

From Charlie:

So, the equation for happiness this side of the equator: 18 divers in + 18 divers out + 18 big smiles = 1 terrific first day. That just about sums it up (pun intended). See you tomorrow,


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