Monday, August 23, 2010

The Beginning

Megan Moore, Delaware Expedition

It was a little bit of a shock when I heard the news at 4 p.m. on a Tuesday that I would be leaving for Maryland at 8 a.m. sharp the following morning; but when I found out that the journey would involve going aboard a boat at 3 a.m. to catch cownose rays, the panic strangely turned to excitement. Cownose rays are a type of eagle ray that hang out in the Chesapeake Bay in the spring. They do have a venomous barb on their tail but they, like most rays and sharks, are not aggressive and won't sting unless they are threatened. You can find Misty, our current cownose ray, on exhibit in out Giant Ocean Tank.

Mystic, or Misty, in the Giant Ocean Tank

This blog will attempt to report the tale of the strange ways and the lengths we sometimes have to go through to bring the best fish to the New England Aquarium. These rays will eventually be one of the highlights of a future touch tank exhibit. For now, enjoy this video of Misty swimming in the GOT!

- Megan

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