Friday, April 22, 2011

Belize Expedition: Why am I going?

Belize Expedition, 2011

What’s the Aquarium’s Chief Operating and Financial Officer doing on a research expedition to Carrie Bow Cay in Belize? That’s a very good question! Well, a field perspective on Randi and Pete's work would be helpful to me and the Aquarium in my role as a senior manager--and I jumped at the opportunity to participate. Although I’m a little nervous and have a lot to get done before I go, I can’t wait to join them.

On board the Coral Reef II, leaving Miami during the 2010 Bahamas expedition

Although I am avid diver and participated in last year’s Spring Bahamas Collecting Expedition, I don’t know much right now about the science we’ll be conducting other than what I’ve talked to Randi and Pete about. I can wax eloquently about Aquarium’s day-to-day operating and financial challenges--but no one wants to read blogs about those kinds of things. So my blog posts from Belize will be different, and hopefully interesting. I know they will be interesting to me and I hope they will be for you as well!


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