Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dominica Expedition: Different world, same ocean

New England Aquarium Visitor Programs Specialist Megan Moore is reporting from Dominica. The Aquarium participated in this expedition in 2010 as well, you can read those posts here

Greetings from Dominica! It took me two days and three flights to get to this small Caribbean island. Being new to this place I was eager to find new and unusual wildlife. So far I've heard tales of bats that eat fish and bananaquit birds that join you for breakfast. But, despite being in a different world, when I went down to the beach I recognized some of my old friends--nerite snails!

Nerita sp. - They are a herbivorous snail found throughout the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean.

It gained a little courage and explored my thumb

Me and my new friend

And seeing the nerite here reminded me that despite the distance travelled it's still all one ocean. One body of water, occasionally interrupted by small islands like Dominica and large islands like North America. It's a great reminder that our small impacts on the ocean--wherever we are--can quickly become global impacts.



  1. Well said and so true!

  2. Nerite snail shells are a favorite for small Coenobita hermit crabs. Let us know if you see any! :-)