Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring Ocean Health Around the World

Keith Ellenbogen, marine photographer and videographer, has just returned from two and a half months of exploring the oceans on an assignment with Conservation International and the Ocean Health Index. Here on the Aquarium's Global Explorers Blog, Keith will be posting images from that expedition to showcase the spectacular beauty of the underwater world, and the information marine animals provide about their environment.

Here are three sample images of what's coming up.

 Sea lions get a good look at the camera off the coast of Monterey, California (Photo: K. Ellenbogen).
A newly hatched green sea turtle heads out to sea in the
Turtle Islands of the Philippines/Malaysia (Photo: K. Ellenbogen).

This is the view from swimming underwater with lagoon jellies in Indonesia (Photo: K. Ellenbogen).  

From his expedition in the Turtle Islands, Philippines/Malaysia, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and Monterey, California, Keith will share new images and stories that create an awareness about environmental threats and solutions that impact the relationship between people and the sea.

Look for his upcoming posts here, and additional images and stories on the Conservation International blog. In the meantime, you can check out more of his photography and reports from these previous expeditions: Alaska in 2011, Fiji in 2011, Fiji in 2010 and Fiji in 2009.

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