Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Antarctica Research Station Hangout on Air

On Wednesday, January 23, the Aquarium hosted a live Hangout on Air from the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research station in Antarctica. During the chat, viewers learned about the local residents—penguins!—and found out what high-tech tools the researchers are using to study the oceans and climate in this remote corner of the world. Here's the video:

Background Information
Aquarium senior educator Jo Blasi is on expedition to Antarctica to help study the impact of climate change in these areas and changes in the marine ecosystem. She is at sea on the R/V Gould right now and won't be able to join us during the webcast. But resident scientists at the Palmer LTER have offered to show us around! Join us for this amazing opportunity to learn about science and climate change on this frozen continent.

Jo is on expedition as a teacher at sea. Experience the expedition yourself and learn about the important research happening on the trip on the Explorers Blog. Jo is frequently posting pictures and updates about the ship, research technologies and marine life encountered during the trip.

More Aquarium Hangouts
Google+ Hangouts on Air are a great way to connect with the Aquarium no matter where you are around the world. Not only can you watch live and ask questions as we share information about the blue planet, but after each event the video is saved to our YouTube channel and embedded on our blogs so you can access it any time.

Connect with the Aquarium on Google+ to be the first to know about these events and be sure to check out these previous Hangouts on Air:
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