Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Antarctica Expedition: Elephant seals video!

Aquarium senior educator Jo Blasi is on expedition to Antarctica to help study the impact of climate change in these areas and changes in the marine ecosystem. She will be live blogging frequently about the expedition, research technologies and marine life encountered during the trip.

As promised in my last post, here's a video of the elephant seals we saw during an excursion on a nearby island. The seals spent most of the time sleeping and grunting and jostling for prime napping real estate. Check out their sound effects!

Our time off the boat was brief but it was a wonderful opportunity to get close to these animals. Stay tuned for more wildlife updates from Antarctica!

Two male elephants duke it out over a spot on the beach. Soon it was back to napping.
Photo credit: Jo Blasi/Palmer LTER

All of Jo's entries are cross posted on the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Station site hereTrack her progress on the R/V Gould, and learn more about the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Station.

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