Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MCAF Update: Where are those manta rays?

The Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF) recently provided funding that allowed researchers with the Manta Trust to tag manta rays in the Pacific Ocean. Our Facebook community helped name the two females—Sylvia and Eugenie! This post follows up on Sylvia and Eugenie's whereabouts, thanks to the data from those satellite tags.

Our online naming contest was a great success, and ever since then we've been waiting to find out where Sylvia and Eugenie are spending their time. This is critical information that can help inform conservation efforts for manta rays off Mexico and around the world.

A frame from a beautiful underwater video of Josh tagging the manta rays

Researcher Josh Stewart took time off from his field studies to offer a little background about the project and the Aquarium's involvement through MCAF.

Josh mentioned that he would share the data on Sylvia and Eugenie as soon as possible. Well, the wait is over!

The researchers have gleaned important information from those tags and compiled the data in an impressive interactive map over at DataMares. Head over there to dive into this pool of data. You'll also find helpful tips for navigating the map, including ways to single out Sylvia and Eugenie's movements!

Go to the map

If you want to learn more, check out Josh's guest posts about this manta research:

Explore other projects supported by the Aquarium's MCAF program, all supporting grassroots research around the world to study and protect animals and habitats of our blue planet!

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