Friday, May 8, 2015

Bahamas Spring 2015 | Returning to Miami / Ship Day

We left the dock late morning, stopped at Bimini Road for one last dive, and then headed west for Miami.  4 hours later we could see the Miami skyline!

Port of Miami has a lot of traffic

One last family dinner as we steam up the Miami River

Once back in Miami and after clearing customs it's time to start planning shipping the critters to Boston!  After a briefing, time for bed... no rest for the weary: up at O-Five-Hundred to get the ball rolling because we have to get them to AA Cargo by 11 AM.

First step is preparing the bags and boxes

Fish are caught are transferred to bags with water

In each bag is clean ocean saltwater collected as we crossed the Gulf Stream

Each box must be scrupulously labeled with what fish are in them

Completed boxes are assembled and labeled inside the air-conditioned salon
Off to Miami International Airport!

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