Monday, July 18, 2011

Alaska Photo Blog: Wild Alaskan halibut

This is the fourth in a series of daily photo posts from an expedition to Tongass National Forest by Keith Ellenbogen, a photographer and frequent contributor to the Global Explorers Blog. He recently joined Philippe Cousteau on an expedition with The Boat Company to explore Southeast Alaska's abundant wildlife. 

The flat side of wild Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepsis) after being caught by a fisherman 
(Photo: Keith Ellenbogen)

 A large halibut--too large to keep--is about to be released. (Photo: Keith Ellenbogen)

[Note: The Pacific halibut fishery in Alaska is widely recognized as an environmentally-responsible fishery. Careful management, adherence to strict limits on the size and number of fish that can be caught, as well as steps taken by the fishery to reduce bycatch all contribute to the Pacific halibut fishery being considered ocean-friendly.]

Read more about the expedition on Philippe Cousteau's blog at EarthEcho.

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