Saturday, March 3, 2012

California: People and marine life living together

This is the third of a series of posts from California. Keith Ellenbogen, a photographer and frequent contributor to the Global Explorers Blog, is sharing pictures from an expedition with Conservation International (CI) and the Ocean Health Index to create an awareness about environmental threats and solutions that impact the relationship between people and the sea.  

A few more pictures from Monterey Bay and the Elkhorn Slough...

A group of sea lions at the surface watching me scuba dive

A close-up of the beautiful red colors within this dragonet (sp. to identify)

At sunset within the Elkhorn Slough, a pelican lands

An aerial view of living together: power plant, the Pacific Ocean and the Elkhorn Slough

PG&E Power plant illuminating the morning sky. This is the largest power plant in all of California and is largely responsible electricity reaching many California residents.

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