Thursday, March 1, 2012

California: An Underwater Perspective

This is the second of a series of photo posts from California. Keith Ellenbogen, a photographer and frequent contributor to the Global Explorers Blog, is sharing pictures from an expedition with Conservation International (CI) and the Ocean Health Index to create an awareness about environmental threats and solutions that impact the relationship between people and the sea. 

Within the turbid and cold (52ยบ F) water, California’s marine life is beautiful. Diving within Monterey Bay, California, I was thrilled to observe sea lions, nudibranches, fish and much more, that are all dependent directly or indirectly on healthy kelp forests.

A surface view of one of the beautiful kelp dive sites. Point Lobos, California

California sea lions, playful and curious (kind of like Zoe and Sierra at the Aquarium!)

A sea jelly trails its tentacles in the chilly water

A brightly-colored crab stands out on the sea floor 

 Even corals in cold water are vibrant and beautiful

To learn more about the first part of Keith's trip to the Turtle Islands click here, and continue on to see pictures from Raja Ampat in Indonesia here. Head over to Conservation International's blog for more pictures and perspectives from Keith.

To learn more about a remarkable part of the California coastline known as the Elkhorn Slough, click here.

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