Monday, September 24, 2012

Belize: A very special guest

Last night, we had a very special guest on the island — a nesting sea turtle! Unfortunately, no one actually saw the turtle, but someone heard some commotion at around 3:30 am.

In the morning: voila! Tracks!

 Sea turtle tracks in the sand

Signs of a sea turtle

Trampled pickleweed after sea turtle came ashore to nest

And a nest!

Most likely a hawksbill, there are probably ~ 200 eggs in the nest that will hatch in about 2 months. Carrie Bow is a SMALL island - 3/4 of an acre - but every year, there are multiple turtle nests and hatches, meaning that over 1000 turtles hatch here every year. It's a nice reminder that even just a small bit of natural habitat can make a difference to the future of the oceans and it's creatures.

The sea turtle likely came ashore right here!

Vive la mer!

-Randi, Pete, Amanda, Danny, Jeff, and Zoe

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