Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hong Kong: The Seafood Summit – why Hong Kong?

Matt Thompson is a senior aquaculture specialist with the Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Programs (SSP). He is going to be blogging from the Seafood Summit in Hong Kong. The Seafood Summit brings all those concerned with sustainable seafood together in a conference to identify challenges and look for solutions. 

Before the Summit gets going full swing, I feel it’s important to explain why it’s being held here in Hong Kong (not that I’m complaining). It’s largely down to the role that Asia, and particularly China, has both as a major producer and consumer of seafood.

The growing middle class in Asia will have significant purchasing power that will influence global seafood markets. It’s important then, that consumers and producers in Asia – as in the U.S. - become more aware of the issues surrounding seafood sustainability, and use their buying power to drive improvements.


Being a tourist: Matt with (wax) Bruce Lee

I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and was immediately hit by the mix of British and Asian cultures. The buses, for example, could have been lifted straight off the roads in London and not least because they also drive on the left side of the road.

Double-decker buses

I spent the day getting acquainted with my new surroundings and the efficient subway system (curiously they use an “octopus” card to get around, but the card itself is devoid of images of an actual octopus). I hit some of the tourist hotspots including the views from the Peak, the Chi Lin Nunnery, and the Nan Lian Garden.

 Chi Lin Nunnery

Nan Lian Gardens

I look forward to reporting back on the nitty gritty of the meetings when things begin in earnest. 

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