Monday, March 4, 2013

Antarctica Expedition: One Last Look at Penguins

Aquarium senior educator Jo Blasi has recently returned from an expedition to Antarctica where she helped scientists based out of the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research station. They are examining changes in the marine ecosystem and climate change. Jo also took excursions to see native wildlife. Here are some of her pictures and video.

Read all her posts to learn about her expedition, research and marine life encountered during the trip.

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica

A short boat ride from the research vessel was a colony of gentoo penguins, one of the many species spotted during her trip. Here's a video of the penguins Neko Harbor!

Many of Jo's entries are cross posted on the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Station site here. Learn more about the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Station and meet some researchers and explore the station with our archived Google+ Hangout with Palmer!

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