Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bahamas Spring 2015 | Feeding the Fishes

Aquarium divers are on an expedition to the Bahamas right now! They will collect fish destined for the Giant Ocean Tank. Chris will be blogging live from the boat with pictures and stories about what it takes to bring fish from the Bahamas to Boston.

Alexis does a little food prep off the side of the boat. What a view, even on a rainy day.

As we collect fish and bring them onboard, we then become their keepers... and fish gotta eat! We brought an assortment of seafood for them—stored in the freezer—including zooplankton, krill, shrimp, clam tongues, silversides and capelin. We also have a live brine station for the little guys. We do this each morning until 48 hours before shipping day.

Feeding brine to the itty-bittys

Feeding zooplankton

Alexis feeding "chop" or cut-up assorted seafood

— Chris

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