Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bahamas Spring 2015 | Night Dive

Aquarium divers are on an expedition to the Bahamas right now! They will collect fish destined for the Giant Ocean Tank. Chris will be blogging live from the boat with pictures and stories about what it takes to bring fish from the Bahamas to Boston. 

Night dives are both fun and a great way to collect some critters that are hard to get during the day. Everyone carries a flashlight and a backup flashlight. We also all hang glow sticks off of our tanks, so we can identify each other without the use of fin or weight belt color. And, we hang a long glowing green light "saber" off the back of the boat, to ease return at end of the dive.


And per usual, between collecting, I like to see and photograph the wildlife. On this particular night dive I saw a number of spiny lobsters—rarely seen during the day—and a snoozing sea turtle. I thought our GOT turtles were lazy but I guess it's the norm.

Spiny lobster

Snoozing sea turtle

The dive was a success. Along with those sightings, we collected some fish that are quite fast, near impossible to catch during the day, including surgeonfishes and porgies. 

— Chris

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