Saturday, October 31, 2009

#14: Rock lobster, anemone, thornfish and more seadragons

I went out and did another dive today, although this one was in a rocky pool. All my training looking for the cryptic seadragons is paying off since I'm now more a tuned to cryptic species like tiny thornfish.

I also spotted this swimming anenome. At night these agile anemones move high up on the plant and extend their tentacles to catch floating prey and during the day they collapse and looks like a sack of beans.

Swimming anemone photo (Photo: Jeremy Brodt)

Like many of the dive sites where I saw seadragons, this dive location was also teeming with mysis shrimp. These tiny shrimp are primary diet of sea dragons and a popular food item for many other fish as well. In this video you can see hundreds of little mysis shrimp (all the white specks) swimming in the water column.


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