Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#8: Diving among the seadragons and stingrays

Today I went to a site that was filled with weedy seadragons. Again, I must have come across at least 15-20 dragons and again nearly all were males with eggs on their tails. Here are a couple of my favorite dragon photos of the day.

Weedy seadragon (Photo: Jeremy Brodt)

Weedy seadragon (Photo: Jeremy Brodt)

As I was swimming along the pier I came across a school of globe fish. I was also pleasantly surprised when I looked up from having my heads in the weeds looking for seadragons to see a beautiful wedgenose skate swim by. Then I was surprised again when a very large (probably close to 7' long from tip to tail) smooth or black stingray swam by again.

It was quite an exciting dive and I even went back for a night dive at the same spot to try to catch some sea dragon mating behavior which typically occurs right at sunset. We saw lots of dragons (and lots of juveniles that were likely 6-8 months old), but most of the adult males already had eggs. I did stumble upon one pair near the end of my dive, but they didn't come together to court before I had to get out of the water.

Hopefully tomorrow will yield another eventful sea dragon dive!


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