Sunday, October 18, 2009

#6: Dragons! First seadragon sightings of the expedition

I saw my first weedy seadragon today! Not even 10 minutes into the dive I saw my first dragon! I saw about 15-20 dragons total throughout my dive. It was quite a spectacular thing to witness. They are such beautiful fish and are quite graceful.

(Photo: Jeremy Brodt)

One of the primary reasons that I came to Australia when I did was because it is spring here which means that its sea dragon breeding season. In fact, many of the seadragons I saw were males carrying eggs on their tail.

Like other syngnathids (seahorses, pipefish, & sea dragons) the male actually takes care of the eggs. With seahorses, the eggs are deposited by the female in the males brood pouch. With seadragons the female deposits the eggs on the males tail which becomes thick and spongy to receive the eggs.

Here are some other neat fish that I saw during my dive:

(Photo: Jeremy Brodt)

Tomorrow's dive won't likely yield many seadragons, but we may get so see some seahorses so stay tuned.



  1. i just got caught up with your blogs- looking good so far! i can't wait to hear more about your expedition.
    i'm also curious to see if you have a lot of run-in's with some cool sharks...
    thanks for blogging, it's super interesting and i love learning new stuff about your dragons!

  2. Hey Jeremy,

    Cool pictures. How big are those weedy sea dragons. They look bigger than other syngnathids [new word of the day] I have seen.