Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Jellyfishing

Join Aquarium Teen Program Coordinator Liz Whitlinger and campers with the Harbor Discoveries Schooner Adventure Camp. After a week of preparation, our crew of young explorers boarded a Grand Banks schooner and set sail for a five-day, four-night excursion exploring Massachusetts Bay.

Here are some thoughts from campers about the experience on board the Spirit of Massachusetts:

There were a lot of comb jellies in the water once we got outside of Boston Harbor and headed north. Since we learned that they don't have stinging cells we made a sport out of catching them in the water buckets that we use to fetch sea water for a myriad of things. Of course we made sure to tie the buckets off to the ship so we didn't loose them!

We tired out after an hour or so but we were really engaged in it. Comb jellies are not true jellies they are ctenofores. They have stripes on them that are blue and shiny and rainbow colored when they catch the sunlight. When its dark out, and it gets really dark out here with only starlight and the moon, they also cause bioluminescence. When the water moves even a little bit you see it glowing green in the darkness of the night. I have the first watch tonight (8pm-12am) and I can't wait to watch them!

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