Friday, August 12, 2011

There’s work to be done no matter what time of day

Join Aquarium Teen Program Coordinator Liz Whitlinger and campers with the Harbor Discoveries Schooner Adventure Camp. After a week of preparation, our crew of young explorers boarded a Grand Banks schooner and set sail for a five-day, four-night excursion exploring Massachusetts Bay.

Here are some thoughts from campers about the experience on board the Spirit of Massachusetts:
At 0300 we arrived in the harbor of Provincetown to set down anchor. My watch (A) had to drop anchor, lower the sails and furl them (roll them methodically like a burrito and tie them down so they don't come loose while anchored).

We had been awake since 11:30 p.m. and by 3 a.m. we were barely on the edge of sanity. It was very hard to see as it was pitch black out, the cloud cover blocking out any residual star or moonlight we might have had. The only upside was that we were able to go back to bed and stop our watch because we could move into anchor watches.

In the end it was stimulating and tiring all at the same time.


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