Friday, August 5, 2011

Navigating Lovells Island

Join Aquarium Teen Program Coordinator Liz Whitlinger and campers with the Harbor Discoveries Schooner Adventure Camp. After a week of preparation, our crew of young explorers board a Grand Banks schooner and set sail for a five-day, four-night excursion exploring Massachusetts Bay. 

After taking two ferries to Lovells Island, we set up our tents and split up into teams for an island-wide scavenger hunt. 

We were give 3 compasses, a map, a GPS and a sheet of questions about certain points across the island. We had some trouble at first because we did not know how to use the GPS.  However, as we continued the scavenger hunt we realized how to use it and were able to complete the hunt much faster. Each place had a coordinate point and a question about that place.  I thought that would make it easy. I was incorrect.  Sometimes I would end up on the wrong side of the island (Lovells Island) but the right North coordinate. 

We first set out on a trail that was parallel to the beach that took us to a set of ruins. Those ruins used to be the site of a place that held weapons, gun powder and soldiers that once defended Boston via its harbor. As we explored the island we found lots of buildings and trails that we didn’t expect to be on a relatively small island and some really interesting things that were not on our list. Even though we got a little bit lost once or twice, we still had lots of fun looking around and learning about Lovells Island. 
This scavenger hunt was a very good introduction to the navigation we will be using next week while on the schooner. This camp has been a blast so far and I cannot wait for all of the fun we are going to have next week!
-Madeline, Max, Katherine

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